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Location: Bordeaux, France

Status: Under Construction

This project brings together three cultural institutions into one building: FRAC (the Aquitaine Regional Fund for Contemporary Art), ECLA (the Cultural Agency for Writing, Music, Film & Broadcasting), and OARA (the Artistic Office of the Aquitaine Region for Performing Arts). Together, they are transformed into a single institution: the Maison de l’Économie Créative et de la Culture en Aquitaine — the MÉCA. The proposed building integrates with the waterfront promenade of Bordeaux to allow public life to flow through the MÉCA.


The new Maison del’Economie Creative et de la Culture en Aquitaine, MÉCA, is located on the historical riverfront of Bordeaux.  MÉCA will house three regional visual and performing arts agencies, FRAC, the ECLA and the OARA into one single building.

The multiple ramps and stairs inside the building will make the MÉCA a lively place and a natural extension of the life along the Quai de Paludate street and the new promenade.

During festivals or other special occasions in the city, the outside of the MÉCA can be transformed into a stage for outdoor concerts, theatrical spectacles or art installations.

Photograph of one of the study models for MÉCA.

Video of the MÉCA under construction.

The building is conceived as a single loop of public space and cultural institutions as the pavement promenade rises to form the roof of the main lobbies, ascends vertically along the stage tower of OARA then bridges across the promenade with the sky lit galleries of the FRAC, and returns vertically to the ground at the archives of the ECLA in order to reunite with the waterfront promenade.

The urban room allows everyday life of Bordeaux to flow through its generous frame along the promenade, injecting the art into the city and the city life into the building.