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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Status: Under Construction

The waste-to-energy plant, Amager Resource Center, is located in an industrial area, that throughout the years, has turned into an extreme destination for thrill seekers. Different extreme sports activities take place in the raw industrial facilities such as cable wakeboarding, go-karting, and rock climbing. The Amager Resource Center is the most significant landmark in the area and the building is in need of renewal.

A new breed of waste-to-energy plant, one that is economically, environmentally, and socially profitable has been proposed. Instead of considering the Amager Resource Center as an isolated object, the architecture is used to intensify the relationship between the building and the city – expanding the existing activities in the area by turning the roof of the new Amager Resource Center into a ski slope for the citizens of Copenhagen, redefining the relationship between the waste plant and the city.


This project is the single largest environmental initiative in Denmark with a budget of 3.5 Billion DKK. It replaces the adjacent 40-year-old Amagerforbraending plant, integrating the latest technologies in waste treatment and environmental performance.

Access to the slopes is via an elevator along the plant’s smokestack, providing views into the plant and giving glimpses into its internal workings. As you reach the observation platform 100m above the ground, sightseers are provided with unobstructed views from one of the tallest structures in Copenhagen.

The roof of the new Amagerforbraending has been transformed into a 31.000 m2 ski slope with varying skill levels for the citizens of Copenhagen and its neighbouring municipalities and visitors. This project redefines the relationship between the existing waste-plant and the city by expanding the existing recreational activities in the surrounding area into a new breed of waste-to-energy plant.

The power plant is located in an industrial area of Copenhagen, where locals have gone to drive go-carts or water-ski for many years.

Instead of considering the new Amager Bakke as an isolated architectural object, the building was conceived as a destination in itself and reflects the progressive vision for a new type of waste treatment facility.

The ski-slope has been created with a recycled synthetic granular in the absence of much snow in Copenhagen.

Located in an industrial area near the city center, ARC will be an exemplary model in the field of waste management and energy production/

This new plant has become an architectural landmark in the cityscape of Copenhagen.