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Bjarke Ingels’s Serpentine Pavilion Is on a World Tour: First Stop, Toronto

Toronto’s newest attraction seemed destined to end up in the dignified solitude of a tycoon’s country home, somewhere behind the stables, perhaps. Ever since the Serpentine Gallery started adorning its flawless English lawn in Kensington Gardens with a summer pavilion designed by some of the biggest names in architecture, such was the afterlife of many of these impermanent exhibits. One particularly eager collector reportedly acquired no less than four pavilions—only to send them straight to storage. And yet, a cool warehouse might be considered a merciful destiny compared to the fate of Zaha Hadid’s 2000 pavilion. This first-ever Serpentine pavilion now plays host to discos and children’s birthday parties in a corner of Flambards theme park in Cornwall, somewhere between Ferdi’s Funland and the Rocking Tug Boat. Toyo Ito’s 2002 pavilion fares marginally better, having been recycled as the beach café of a luxury Côte d’Azur hotel.

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